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Transition arena (‘murrosareena’ in Finnish) is a workshop method based on Dutch-originated Transition management research approach. It is a series of workshop interactions, in which a selected group of frontrunner actors developed future transition pathways based on a negotiated vision and aims.

This website is developed to work as a support platform for a specific transition arena workshop process, that has been fine-tuned to support collaborative design of transition pathways on a mid-range time-scale. This process has been originally developed in Finland in Smart Energy Transition research project, and has later on been utilized in various settings ranging from energy to low-carbon mobility, and to bio-economy.

For more information on the method and tools, see:

Hyysalo, S., Marttila, T., Perikangas, S., & Auvinen, K. (2019). Codesign for transitions governance: A mid-range pathway creation toolset for accelerating sociotechnical change. Design Studies.

Hyysalo, S., J. Lukkarinen, P. Kivimaa, R. Lovio, A. Temmes, M. Hildén, T. Marttila, et al. (2019). Developing Policy Pathways: Redesigning Transition Arenas for Mid-range Planning. Sustainability 11(3): 603. 

Workshop materials are currently only in Finnish. For selected materials in English, please contact: Tatu Marttila (

For further inquiries on the method, please contact:
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